Prices Going Up on Prius

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in prices for new and pre-owned Prius during the past two weeks.   As gas prices have raced past $4/gallon in Northern California, the pain at the pump has led to a stall in SUV sales and a surge in demand for hybrids.    Unfortunately, this has happened just at the same time that a shortage of supply of new Prius has hit California, as Toyota scrambles to meet increasing demand in other parts of the country.

The result of increased demand and restricted supply has been a price spike in the market for new Prius.    As an example, two months ago you could have purchased a new fully-loaded Prius in the color of your choice for around $25,900.   Today, you’d be lucky to find one at $28,000.   If current trends continue, it’s likely that by June there will be waiting lists at the dealerships, as there were in 2006.

The squeeze in the new vehicle market is effecting the pre-owned market as well, as more people consider the used cars.   We are seeing costs on the vehicles we purchase up $1000-$2000 just since the beginning of May.

What all this means is that if you are thinking of purchasing a Prius, and especially one with carpool stickers, do it now, or be prepared to pay much higher prices in the months ahead.  You might also consider a Honda Civic Hybrid, where prices have not been under as much pressure.

New Batch of 10 Cars to Arrive…

We just purchased a batch of 10 cars with carpool stickers.   These are all 2006 models in excellent condition with clean titles.  There are 6 Prius and 4 Honda Civic Hybrids in the batch.   They are expected to arrive 5/5/08.  For more details, click on the Inventory tab.