When is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Market conditions vary through the year and by make and model, but in general, there are two times that stand out as the best times to buy a car from a dealership.    One is the last two weeks of the year.  People are busy with the holidays, so demand is soft, and dealers are eager to book sales before the end of the year and make room for the new inventory that usually arrives in January.
And the other best time of  year is the week right before Labor Day.   Generally, that’s when the next model year vehicles start shipping to dealers, and they are under enormous pressure to clear their lots of last year’s models.    (By the way, it is no coincidence that Lexus has its twice-yearly sales in August and December.)

This year, conditions are especially good for you as buyer.   With the soft economy, people have been postponing major purchases such as cars, and the market is soft for most vehicles.   But even for the Prius, we have seen conditions for buyers improve.    Now, a fresh shipment of 2009 Prius will be hitting dealer’s lots just as gas prices have been drifting lower, and the frenzy for Prius that we saw in May-June has faded.  (In a future post, I’ll discuss the changes coming to hybrid vehicles in 2009-2010, and the pro’s and con’s of waiting.)

In our corner of the world, while you were out on vacation, we were acquiring cars.    We now have built up our inventory to 16 carpool hybrids - 12 Prius and 4 Civics, all with confirmed CA HOV carpool stickers.   You won’t find a larger selection of these cars anywhere.   Once the summer ends and people are back to work, you’ll appreciate the time you save everyday, cruising in the carpool lane while others are stuck in stop and go traffic.    So take advantage of our large selection and favorable market conditions, and grab one of these amazingly practical cars today.

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