Sale Continues…Deals Get Better!

With the financial crisis in the news, the auto industry has slowed dramatically. Money is tight, the future seems uncertain, and people are wondering if this is the best time to buy a car.

Well, it is, because the deals have never been better. It’s truly a buyer’s market.

In response to these market conditions, we’ve extended our sale and drastically cut prices. We’ve got 20 pre-owned hybrids with HOV carpool stickers. These are wonderfully practical and economical cars, and we’ve got some at liquidation prices. These should go fast, so for best selection, act now.
To see our current list of cars for sale with updated pricing, click on the Inventory tab.

Be sure to call Gene at (510) 864-1792 to answer any questions or set up an appointment.

End-of-Summer Sale

We’re celebrating (mourning?) the end of summer and the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox (Fall) this weekend with a sale of all our hybrids.  As of now, we have 20 cars with HOV decals ready to sell.  There are 16 Toyota Prius and 4 Honda Civic Hybrids.    There’s a wide selection, too, ranging from a 2002 Prius for $12,995 up to a 2006 Prius with Navigation and only 25K miles for $27,995.  As always, click the “Inventory” tab for a link to an updated spreadsheet showing all the cars for sale, with options, mileage and pricing.

We’ve lowered our prices for this special sale, and if you mention the code words “Autumnal Equinox” to me (Gene), I’ll slash another $500 off the price without blinking.   Of course, if you mention those words to one of my partners, they will just look at you funny.  So be sure to give me a call at (510) 864-1792 to set up an appointment to come take a look at the cars we have…

By the way, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to be a tree-hugging, sandal-wearing environmentalist to appreciate these cars!  Many of our customers just love the feeling of cruising in the carpool lane while others are stuck in stop and go traffic… or driving for weeks without refueling.   Whatever the reason,  these are cars you can feel good about… and now is a good time to get one!

2009 is Here

In the automotive world, the New Year comes early. The 2009 Prius is hitting dealer’s lots now. But don’t get too excited– it’s the same as the 2008 Prius, except more expensive (Toyota has raised prices slightly). There will be a major redesign of the Prius coming with the 2010 model year, expected to be introduced in early 2009, but not widely available until later in the year. More details to come.

If you’re looking for a new Prius now, many dealerships in Northern California have them available for immediate delivery, if you’re willing to pay a markup over MSRP. Or we can broker one for you at MSRP. Just give me (Gene) a call at (510) 864-1792, tell me what you are looking for, and let me find it for you.

And if you are looking for a Prius or Civic with CA HOV stickers, this is a good time. We have 16 of these carpool hybrids in inventory, and we’re taking offers. Don’t make the common mistake of looking for a late model, loaded car with low mileage. These cars are rare and sell for high premiums today, but will rapidly lose their value. The stickers expire in January, 2011, and the next generation Prius will be widely available in 2010. So it’s wise to pick up a carpool hybrid today and think of it as a 2-3 year car; something that will save you valuable time on your commute today, and which you can be ready to replace in a couple of years.

And don’t be scared off by a high mileage Prius or Civic. These cars are driven more than other models because they are so practical and economical. And if well-maintained, they typically go 150K miles or more without a major repair. Every car we sell goes through a complete mechanical and safety inspection, with all service brought up to date. So a high mileage reconditioned Prius or Civic with HOV decals really does make a lot of sense as a commute car in the Bay Area. It WILL save you money, and time.