Year End Review and Update

This has been an incredibly turbulent year, especially for the auto industry, and particularly for those of us who sell hybrid vehicles. The year began with an oversupply of Prius on dealers’ lots which resulted in soft pricing on new and used cars. In May, the market turned quickly as rising gas prices drove strong demand for hybrids just at the same time that Toyota reduced shipments to Northern CA dealers. By June, there were waiting lists to get a new Prius, and anyone with a used one was able to get a huge premium. But the price of gas peaked in early July, and the economy began to seriously fall apart in August, with the financial crisis deepening through the rest of the year. With rapidly falling gas prices, tight credit, and some people afraid to make major purchases, we now have the conditions for an incredible buyer’s market.

Like many dealerships that sell hybrids, we got whipsawed by rapidly rising prices which soon gave way to rapidly falling prices. We find ourselves at the end of the year with cars purchased during better times, which must be liquidated at any price. In short, there has never been a better time to purchase a carpool hybrid.

Even with low gas prices, these cars still save you money. Imagine driving 500 miles on one tank of gas that costs you less than $20. And of course, the HOV carpool decals remain the best way to shave 30 minutes or more off the average daily commute. How much is that worth to you?

As of this writing, we have 9 carpool hybrids remaining, including a 2007 Honda Civic for less than $15K that would have cost you $22K six months ago! Because of market conditions, we are liquidating our current inventory, and will be brokering cars for the future. In other words, you tell us what you are looking for, and we will find and purchase it for you in the wholesale market. This assures you of exactly the car you want at the lowest possible price.

To see our current list of cars for sale with updated pricing, click on the Inventory tab.
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