Inventory Update and Prius Price Reductions

Of the two carpool hybrids we had, we sold the blue 2005 Prius with HOV decals and we dramatically reduced the price on the  red 2006 Prius with HOV decals to $15,495.  That’s a great price on a fully-loaded 2006 Prius in excellent condition with HOV carpool stickers.

You can thank Toyota’s recalls and the media.   This Prius has had 4 years of trouble-free operation.  It has been fully inspected and serviced, and has no issues. In short, nothing has changed about this car except the publicity around it.

It’s a great time to be buying a Prius.  Now, not only can you save time by driving in the carpool lane, you can save money too.

And if you’re considering a new 2010 Prius, new sales incentives just announced from Toyota mean great deals are available.  Call Gene at (510)282-0348.