The Future of Carpool Stickers in CA

This week we found out what’s going to happen to all those yellow HOV decals that hybrid owners have prized and that were scheduled to expire in January, 2011.

The good news is that you’ll get an extra six months.  The carpool stickers were extended until July 1, 2011.   But then the carpool privilege for hybrid owners will end for good.

On Monday, the CA state Assembly approved legislation that amends and extends the carpool rules.  SB 535 would phase out the yellow HOV decals for hybrids owners in July, 2011.   At the same time, a white HOV decal will be available for up to 40,000 owners of electric and alternative fuel vehicles, including the next generation of plug-in hybrids.   Those stickers will be valid through 2015.

So if you cherish your carpool lane privileges, start saving for your next eligible vehicle.