About Carpool Hybrids

“Carpool Hybrids” refer to hybrid vehicles that were approved by the California DMV to drive in carpool lanes anywhere in California at any time. 85,000 yellow decals were issued, with the last one being given out in February, 2007. The decals must be attached to the cars they were issued to, and are not transferable. They expire in January, 2011. Until that time, you are permitted to drive a car with the decal in the carpool lane. The most common cars with these decals are the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Carsmith Motors is a licensed CA dealership which specializes in the sale of these cars. Here are four reasons to consider purchasing a Carpool Hybrid from us:

  1. Experience and Knowledge - We sell many of these cars, and have expertise in all hybrid models. We can help you understand your options and find just the right car to meet your needs.
  2. Selection - We sell all types of new and pre-owned hybrid vehicles, for every need and any budget, and we have the largest selection of Carpool Hybrids in Northern California.
  3. Quality - We hand select every hybrid that we purchase so that you don’t end up with someone else’s junk. And we put every pre-owned hybrid we sell through a thorough mechanical and safety inspection, and bring all service up to date. We even check to make sure that HOV stickers issued are valid and we guarantee them in writing. If they are missing, we help you get replacements. The result is peace of mind and many miles of worry-free driving for you.
  4. Convenience - We can take that gas guzzler off your hands and give you trade credit or sell it for you on consignment. We can also provide financing, as well as special extended warranties for hybrids that cover future repair costs.

When shopping for a Carpool Hybrid– or any hybrid vehicle– you can buy one from a private party or from a “big box” dealership that sells all kinds of cars…. or you can turn to the experts, Carsmith Motors, and let us take good care of you.   Please call Gene Chamson at (510) 339-3646 to discuss your needs.

Or email: Gene@CarpoolHybrids.com

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